Job Description

  • Meeting or communicating with clients/user to understand what they want out of a project, and helping them get those ideas out in a workable way;
  • Designing advertisements, annual reports, artwork, books and their covers, brochures, logos, magazine covers, signs, stickers, tee shirts, web pages and other branding and communication materials;
  • Participate and always be oriented to the formation of a "positive image" for both the product and the company, through the quality of communication and design/video on each released material.
  • Pitching an idea of how to actualize company project;
  • Revising a design or project deliverable to meet specifications;
  • Working as part of a team to create a larger design, or to complete a small portion of a big project, such as perfecting a unique;
  • Finding other creatives like photographers, writers or illustrators for a specific project;

Job Specification

  • Minimum education D3 (preferably S1 communication science / DKV / relevant field)
  • Minimum experience 5 years in PayTV, Television, Creative Agency, Digital industry or relevant field
  • Creative, analytical thinking, Initiative, team work, flexible and willing to extend hours to finish deadlines, highly motivated, Result oriented, have a good taste in design (audio & videos)
  • Special competencies: understand Adobe family software, 2D & 3D Design, Digital Imaging, UI/UX Design.